About us

The Gallery of Steel Figures is the first place in the world where steel sculptures are made of elements from the recycling of scrap metal.

The beginning was innocent: we started with a table with a glass top, made on the basis of a V8 engine. Today, our collection has 600 figures that can be admired in Poland and Europe. And this is just the beginning! Each figure requires 1 to 8 months of work, while car sculptures require the longest time – during their creation, 4 craftsmen work up to 7,000 man-hours.

At the same time, all figures are exclusively hand-made: we do not use castings or heavy machinery. Although it sounds unbelievable, our basic tools are simply a welding machine, a burner, a hammer and a trimmer. Thanks to this, each of our works is literally unique.

Gallery of Steel Figures - about us
Galeria Figur Stalowych Samochód

It all began at the scrap yard, in the “Scrap Metal Yard at the Pruszkow Tank” near Warsaw. And as in every amazing story, it all started with the crisis – a crisis in the scrap market. That is when, in 2011, Mariusz Jose Olejnik decided to use the material available around and convert the crisis into action. Turn scrap into something beautiful.

Soon the Pole, with his unique idea, infected the best craftsmen from all over the world and today the international team of GSF has over 120 artists. Each of them works at home, acquiring hundreds of thousands of steel elements directly from local markets.

We started with dreams. Ideas for subsequent figures were suggested by friends and visitors of the Gallery. Therefore, we know, we are co-creating the global success of GSF with you. If you have an idea for new figures (characters inspired by fairy tales, movies, literature or history), send your suggestions to biuro@galeriafigurstalowych.pl .

Remember: only our imagination is the limit!

Second life of scrap

Opening the Gallery of Steel Figures, from the very beginning we wanted to create a place where contact with art is unlimited. Where visitors will be able to touch each of the figures, get into each vehicle, play with favourite characters. We believe that direct contact with art most effectively stimulates and broadens the imagination. Especially those of children.

But GSF is not just artistry and fun. It is also proof of how different recycling and thinking about ecology can look like. Proof that the problem of using resources can be faced creatively.

We are proud that our figures are made exclusively of recycled elements: gears, gearboxes, brake pads, chains, bolts and nuts. Is the world better thanks to this? For example, thanks to Steel Man, we have changed over 37,000 iron caps into several smiles.

This is our mission!

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